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  Zafar    Tahir 

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Sylvester  Turner 


Mr. Tahir in collaboration with the Houston Planning Committee have allowed us to organize a design sprint regarding the flooding issues in Houston Texas.


One of Houston's greatest issues is flooding and its ability to affect everyone in terrible ways, in several cases resetting someone's life back to zero. Knowing this, the Houston community and planning committee have found many ways of predicting and mitigating such issues, yet they are not enough. 


Many young adults have the ability to look at a problem in an entierly new way, creating a possible solution to an issue that was left unresolved by hundreds of others. In this design sprint we were hoping to utilize this creativity and target it to the prominent topic of flooding in Houston Texas. 


Thanks TO all of our event sponsors


Certificate Co-Signed by the event organizers, Mr. Zafar, and the mayor of Houston.

As well as an exclusive post regarding who you are and what you have made on the cover of this website

Recognition and project solution consideration from the Houston Planning Committee

Future recognition and possible collaboration in later events


Internship possibilities with event sponsors such as the Flooding Department of Houston 


September 23 (Friday) / 6:00pm

September 25 (Sunday) / 6:00pm

September 28 (Wednesday) / 5:00pm

Opening Ceremony:

- Overview of event and introduction of those helping

- Introduction of topic and exact question

- Keynote Speaker 

- Mentor Sign Ups

- Begin!

Closing Ceremony:

- Submit all projects 

- Next steps (Judging and Winners)

- Closing Speech

Winner Revealed:

- Winners will be posted on event website (this one) 

- Winners will be contacted 

Image by Juan Manuel Sanchez
RSVP Floodng
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