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Innovating For a More Inclusive World

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You're invited!

To dream up creative ways to solve DEI issues in Houston

Smart City Houston invites you to dream up creative ways to solve DEI, a problem faced by millions both directly and indirectly all around the world.


Exclusion can destroy lives. Exclusion is getting worse. You can help.

Here's how:

  • if you're 13 to 23 years of age

  • if you live anywhere in the world (you do NOT need to live in Houston)

  • if you have an internet connection

  • if you want to solve a real-world problem (instead of boring problem sets)

  • if you want awards and recognition to build your resume for college admission

  • if you enjoy making a video of up to 5 minutes (that is all you need to submit for this event)

No prior knowledge required 

Recognition Black Houston Symposium


Free to participate

Resume Builder
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Target Age: 13-23

Award Ceremony Hosted By 


TImeline (Subject to change)


January 10, 2023: DEI Hackathon secures commitment from sponsors, guest speakers, mentors, judges, etc. In particular, cooperation from the organizers of the Black Houston(s) Symposium.


February 5, 2023: DEI Hackathon Announced, and registration opens. We need to develop prompts and examples to help participants generate proposals. Possible categories: Youth Voice, Economics, Politics, Entrepreneurship, and Culture.


March 4, 2023: DEI Hackathon takes place. Mentors support teams. Teams submit proposals.


March 10, 2023: Five Top Teams identified from DEI Hackathon. They are prepared to make proposal on March 23, 2023


March 11 - 20, 2023: Judging


March 23-24, 2023: Presentation of top Five Proposals, Awards for top 2 proposals, Forming a Board of Trustees for DEI Impact Lab.


April 2023: Board of Trustees for DEI Impact Lab starts supporting top 2 proposals via once-a-month virtual mentoring sessions. The lead Mentor meets with teams twice a month.


October 2023: Prototypes due for field testing for the top 2 proposals


November 2023: Board of Trustees for DEI Impact Lab completes the blueprints for a sustainable model for DEI Hackathon - Impact Lab. Implements it for the 2nd year of DEI Hackathon - Impact Lab

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Innovating For a More Inclusive World

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